Sunday, March 27, 2011

prepping for Italy (m)

I got the Rosetta Stone for Christmas.  Each day, I try to practice some Italian.  My dream is to live in Italy, at least for 6 months of the year.  I picture a nice villa in a village where the people will adopt me as one of their own.  I will bake my own bread, have a tomato garden, and hang my laundry on a clothes line where the clothes will dry under the Tuscan sun.

Visitors will come and are welcome to stay awhile.  We will have guest rooms and perhaps a pool.   There will be day trips to the museums and shopping at the little boutiques (okay, Prada, Gucci, Fendi).

I am excited about this trip to Italy this week for Harrison's skating competition.

His Team USA jacket arrived on Friday.  It is very official-looking.  I'm so happy for him as he has worked for years towards this goal.  It's so rewarding when you actually earn something on your own.

I am earning my new body.  It feels much lighter than the old one and each pound is a huge accomplishment for me.

The only thing I'm nervous about on this trip is the food.  That's all I hear about from people who've been at this competition before is that the food is incredible.

Even the coaches, who subsist on Tic Tacs, tell me the food is not to be believed.

I picture an angel on my shoulder saying, "No, M, don't do it.  Count your points.  There will be other times.  Remember your dream.  You'll be back here.  You will be thin, then.  You can eat some other time."

On the other shoulder is a little guy with a pitchfork saying, "When in Rome..."

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