Sunday, September 27, 2009

add, subtract, multiply, divide (lyn)

I had no idea there would be so many calculations involved.  My mother would not have been able to do this.  A few years ago a recipe called for heating something in the microwave for two and a half minutes.  She set the timer for 2.5!

Tonight I’m splurging on lamb chops.  As I think I’ve written, I’m allotted 20 points per day for food  (every food has a point value) and 35 extra bonus points each week (these can be disbursed any way I want).  On Monday morning, any left over bonus points disappear and I'll start again…you don’t carry over.  And, you can earn activity points through exercising (yes, there’s a point value for every imaginable activity, adjusted by your weight and level of activity). These can be traded for more food points.

So in order to figure out how many points I’ll need to record for my lamb chop dinner tonight, I have to do a few calculations.

Step 1:  Determine points per ounce. 
The Weight Watchers (WW) website indicates that 3 ounces of “lamb, chop, cooked” equals 6 points.  So, it's  easy to calculate that lamb chops are 2 points per ounce.

Step 2:  Determine total weight of the Australian Rack of Lamb, frenched, that I am making for dinner:  
1.67 pounds.

Step 3:  Convert pounds into ounces.  
One pound is 16 ounces, plus .67 pounds (not to be confused ala the microwave incident  with .67 ounces ) is .67  X  16 = 10.72 ounces, which I round up to 11 ounces.

Step 4:  Compute total ounces of lamb.
 16 ounces + 11 ounces = 27 ounces (same as 1.67 pounds).

Step 5:  Compute ounces per lamb chop in rack. 
There are 7 lamb chops in the 27 ounce rack.  Therefore, 27 ounces divided by 7 = 3.9 ounces per lamb chop

Step 6:  Determine serving size.
 I’ve been deprived of meat all week, so I'll have 3 of 7, so 3.9 ounces X 3 lamb chops = 11.7 ounces

Step 7:  Calculate total points.
11.7 ounces times 2 (no. of points per ounce) =23.4 points, rounded up to 24.

So that's it.  24 points (more than a whole day's worth of points) for 3 lamb chops.   I think I deserve activity points for all these calculations!

After all that work, I decide to go online and read about Australian rack of lamb (still can't believe I am this motivated) and learn that it is very high in saturated fats.  So I give the whole 1.67 pounds to Alexander (who is very slim and who of course didn't finish it) and bought myself a prime shell steak...6 ounces for 10 points, and worth every bite.

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