Saturday, September 26, 2009

losing patience (lyn)

It’ll be 25 years in January since I moved to New York from Boston, and this city still amazes me.  I feel very lucky to live here.  So, here’s another reason why I love living here…discovering another under-publicized gem.

In the middle of the Upper East Side, on a quiet residential street, all these vendors come on Saturday morning and set up shop…a little makeshift Farmer’s Market.  Vendors from “the country” selling gorgeous red baby strawberries, vine ripe tomatoes, fresh cider, home baked breads, fresh fish, homemade pies, recently picked apples, maple syrup and honey, all gather together to sell their delicious foods.  How did this even happen? Who had the brilliance to coordinate such an event?  How did I not know about it, since I live only three blocks from it?  In any case, this morning I went, and though I spent almost $30, it was all on vegetables and fruits.

By the time I returned home, I realized I had to leave.  I quickly ate a low-fat, low—calorie mini-pita with melted WW cheese (quite good), grabbed an apple and ran out the door to go up to Horace Mann (about an hour by public transportation) and watch my son’s first high school football game.  As expected, his team lost 6-38.  Despite being hungry, I was able to resist the post-game lavish spread of friend shrimp, egg rolls, sushi and other delicious-looking foods, prepared by what appeared to be a gourmet chef posing as a Korean mom.  I ate only a few of the vegetables, and felt pleased but not satisfied.

Dinner was equally unsatisfying.  I bought prepared red snapper (tasteless and awful) and lots of vegetables (good but not filling) and one of those surprisingly tasty WW ice creams. 

I rushed to meet Zelia to see another play (three plays in one week is not typical for me) and now I’m home hungry with a ton of extra points.  I think I’ll make a fruit salad.

It seems like I’m hardly eating and should be feeling skinnier; I don’t.  I guess I have to remind myself that it’s not even been two weeks since I started this new way of eating (which is to say a lot less than before), but still, I feel I’ve barely lost anything.  Like M’s snowman, I’m expecting to melt soon.  Why’s it taking so long?????

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