Tuesday, September 29, 2009

venus rising (m)

 Got on the scale this morning.  UP two pounds since Sunday.  Will not weigh myself anymore.

Decided to step it up by exercising.  The only problem is that I pulled a hamstring in my left knee a few weeks ago and I can't do my favorite activity:  walking along the Charles River in Cambridge in the afternoon.  I decide instead to go with Plan B--the pool--for some non-impact exercise.

I belong to a great health club with multiple locations.  The site nearest my house is gorgeous and is where the Boston Celtics train.  I've even seen Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen there.  Very tall. Their cachet draws alot of people and since my body is not ready for prime time, I choose another location.  Here--at this other location-- the clientele looks like the cast from Cocoon.  At least with these folks I have youth on my side.

The drama of getting into the water from the locker room always reminds me of the Yellow Polka Dot bikini song ("she was afraid to come out of the locker...she was afraid that somebody would see").   I go from the locker with my cover- up on over my bathing suit...get as close to the pool as I can....and then in one quick, Cirque de Soleil-like flash, the cover -up is off and I'm in the pool.  Magic.

The water covers me up to my chest.  Perfect.  I start tooling around with a kickboard and do some lunges and then some laps (also with the kickboard).  One hour later, I feel I've worked out.  I get up to go and notice some of the elderly folks standing by the edge waiting to come into the pool for the arthritis class.  I wait to let them in, but they are waiting still.  Within a minute or two, I suddenly feel exposed.  I look down, and the water level is at my knees.  MY KNEES.  I'm completely exposed in a wet bathing suit!  How did I not notice the water was this shallow when I got into the pool? I feel like Botticelli's Venus rising on the half shell.  I start to move to get out of the pool and the attendant screams: "Hold up, please, until I finish!". 

As it turns out, the floor of the pool was being raised so that the elderly would have an easier time getting into the pool.

Tomorrow, I will try the ARC trainer in my house.

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  1. Another tip from another know-it-all. Your hamstring is on the BACK of your leg. From the bottom of your butt to the back of your knee.

    Even if you're limping, GO to the gym. Pain burns calories and fat!! Breathe hard. If you can talk while your exercising, you're not working out hard enough. This much I know...Get a book on tape, it helps the time go by. One hour is the minimum you should be working and breathing hard. One hour, M. No less.