Thursday, September 24, 2009

snowman (m)

Two weeks on Weight Watchers.  Notice I did not say "diet" because the leader at my center says it's not a diet it's a "live it"!  Two weeks on this "live it" and I admit I feel better.  I feel more in control of my life; I feel fewer aches and pains (the arthritis journal said a ten pound weight loss translates to 30% less pain.  Thirty per cent).  I feel like I turned a ship around. 

Yet, no one has noticed.   I went for a massage today.  I've been going to the same person for two years.  She notices everything, but did not seem to notice any difference in my size.  I got my hair cut, too.  My hairdresser didn't notice either.  Once, I gained five pounds in between haircuts and I noticed he styled the hair to cover my face more.   He didn't do that this time, but he didn't say anything, either.

One winter, when I was a little kid, there was a snowman outside the window of my classroom.  It was a large snowman and had a hat, pipe and scarf along with coal eyes and buttons.  I loved to watch that snowman.  One week, it was sunny every day.  I waited for him to melt.  For four days, he looked to be the same size, but when I went outside, I noticed he looked more deflated, even though the size impression was still large.

On the fifth day, the snowman looked smaller.  Maybe that is how it will be with me.  One day --hopefully soon--someone will notice.

Meanwhile, I will content myself with the satisfaction of knowing I am melting.

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  1. I feel like youre the Dali Lhama and I'm Richard Gere. I'm on a hunger strike in support of you. I'm starving, though.