Wednesday, September 30, 2009

antonucci's (lyn)

Tonight is my first night eating in a restaurant since I began this program exactly two weeks ago.  It's Zelia's birthday and five girls (you can still be a girl at 50 plus;  my mom at 80 still calls her friends girls) and I go to a great restaurant, Antonucci's.  It's noisy with activity, and we fit right in, becoming one of the more boisterous tables.  Of the six of us, four are size fours (or less), including a triathlon athlete.  She orders ravioli and justifies it by declaring she'll be running in the NYC Marathon in a month.  As if she needs any justification for anything she eats.  She's fit and looks fabulous, as does everyone at the table.  I skip the wine (I'm not much of a drinker anyway) but after wish I'd had some as everyone loosens up.  I don't like eating foods I can't easily calculate, but eat half anyway of an amazing pear-walnut-gorgonzola salad with a pumpkin vinaigrette dressing, followed by veal scaloppini and vegetables.  I skip the bread and tempting tomato sauce with goat cheese at the beginning of the meal and the chocolate flourless cake at the end of the meal, and sip instead decaf cappuccino.  I leave sated from the laughter at the table.

Oh, I almost forgot the most noteworthy news of the day...this morning at my WW weigh-in, I was down 3.6 pounds!

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