Monday, July 26, 2010

guilt trip (m)

Somehow, despite careful planning, I end up making about 3 trips to the grocery store every week.

I start with the standard list, I then check the calendar for special events like birthdays or guests coming for meals, and I finish off by soliciting requests from family members.  I am generous on quantities and try to buy on sale so I have inventory (especially if my mother is with me....ketchup, anyone?).

Yet, there I am again, 2-3 days later.  We've run out of Lactaid milk, we need turkey for lunch, etc.

Last week, having returned from a week of hotel living (even the place where we stayed was a welcome break from chores like laundry and groceries) I prepared yet another list and went to the store.

I knew I was on the threshold of a big week weight-loss-wise, so I made sure to have my WW products.  I got WW ice cream, Skinny Cows, Vitamuffins and Fiber One yogurts in addition to normal healthy food.

Two days later, in the middle of this heat wave, I went into the freezer to get my WW ice cream.  Gone.  Hmm.  Skinny Cow bars....gone.  My husband, T, was at it again.  And Harrison ate all the low fat English muffins and Vitamuffins.   Sam just eats out whenever he can.


My husband looked at me and said "Want me to go to the grocery store for you?"

Note the wording: "for you".  As if it's a favor.

How about the concept of penance?

Just for revenge, I gave him a two-page typed list and he left without a word.   He later objected to what he said was the "idiot-proof commentary" such as grape tomatoes....these are the small tomatoes; not grapes...make sure.

He came back with a 95% accuracy rate (wrong English muffins), but hey, the guilt trip worked. 

I think my stuff is safe for awhile.

Groceries—Roche Brothers, Wellesley


  • One head of Bib lettuce (ask if you don’t know)
  • Red onion-1 large
  • Bag of white onions
  • Broccoli crowns.  This is broccoli without the stalks (stems).
  • Grape tomatoes-1 or 2 packages (these are small tomatoes, not grapes…make sure!)
  • Corn on the cob-6 ears (preferably husks off.  They have a barrel there, do it there if possible)
  • Bananas (part green, part yellow)
  • Celery-one or two large bunches (Harrison goes through these like water)
  • Strawberries—only if they look good.  I’ll wash and slice them.  The kids put them in their yogurt


  • Sarah Lee Honey Roasted turkey (or whatever is close) -3/4 pound sliced thinly
  • American Cheese-Land O Lakes—white!-1 pound (sliced regular)


  • 4 pieces of steak for the grill tonight
  • Bell and Evans boneless chicken breasts…4 pieces (4 half breasts).  Tell them to trim all the guck off.  Half breasts.  Don’t come home with 8 breasts.


  • 2% Milk-one quart
  • Lactaid-2 gallons, whole or reduced fat
  • Yogurt-get the Stoneyfield Farms low fat (not non-fat) French vanilla—two quarts
  • Eggs-get 2 dozen of the Land O’Lakes extra large.  Omega 3 if they have it.


  • Deli Flat Bread—Pepperidge Farm or Arnold Brand.  Multi grain, or whole wheat,-2 packages
  • Thomas’ Reduced Fat English Muffins—2 packages.   The color on the package is blue.  Make sure.  These are only 1 points.

Frozen Food

  • Vitamuffins (the muffin tops like we have in the freezer)—see if they have the corn muffin variety and get 3 packages (Harrison eats these all the time)
  • Weight Watchers ice cream sandwich bars (you know what these look like!)
  • Skinny Cow fudge bars (ditto!)

Dry Goods

  • Plastic Bags—freezer bags.  Hold about a quart. Get a package or two.
  • Reynolds Wrap-one roll.  This is tin foil.

I’ll go to Costco tomorrow and get water and bulk items like paper towels and toilet paper.

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