Saturday, July 31, 2010

a million points (lyn)

We get to the University of Chicago by 9am and both Alexander and I are starved.  While not true, it feels like the day is almost over and we haven't eaten a thing.

We have a few minutes before the info session begins so we go to an on-campus bakery that is highly recommended. 

Without much thought, I forego all thoughts of eating healthy.  Alexander and I both get cinnamon buns and take them, with more coffee, over to the admissions office, just in time to make the start of the info session.  As soon as it begins, Alexander whispers to me, "I think this is the best cinnamon bun I've ever had."  I would have to agree.

The school is more beautiful than either of us had imagined.  Ivy on every building.  Gorgeous flowers on the many walkways throughout the campus.  Lots of green.  Incredible programs.  If only it were a more fun place.

Both the lecturer and the tour guide reinforce the intensity of the place.  It's for the true scholar who is attracted to learning for learning's sake.  Everything else is secondary.  I'm pretty sure it's not the right place for Alexander.

The tour finishes and with difficulty, we make our way back to downtown Chicago via a slow city bus.  We end up having a late lunch at one of those food courts in Water Tower Place.  Alexander opts for pizza.  I'm still feeling so guilty from the cinnamon bun that I think I'll be satisfied with the bag of grapes I'd packed earlier in the day.  I'm not.   I eat half of Alexander's pizza.

We finally get to my friend Hazel's about four, and it feels like midnight.  We hang around her apartment for a bit, and then it's time for dinner. Didn't we just finish lunch?

Hazel's chosen a Columbian restaurant that specializes in steak. So that's what we all order.  It's delicious.  But food-wise, I feel like I've regressed ten months.

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