Saturday, July 24, 2010

a steamy saturday (lyn)

We are in the middle of another heat wave.  Every day is over 90 degrees.  NBC says of today,

                City Sweats as Stifling Heat, Humidity Make It Feel Like 105

Zelia comes over this morning.  She lives seven blocks from me.  A ten minute walk, at most.  She drives here.  And Zelia, being Brazilian, loves the heat. 

She teaches me about puts and calls.  I show her how to do some basic video editing (I only know the basics).  It’s nice sharing skills with a friend.  Although learning how to clip a video is far less useful in life than knowing how to invest smartly.   Sometimes I wish I’d pursued a career in Finance and not Marketing.  It has a longer shelf life.

Alexander and I go to the AT&T Wireless store.  His phone no longer works; a 3rd grade student of his (he’s mentoring this summer at a Horace Mann summer program) decided to turn on a shower as Alexander was standing near it.  A wet phone is a ruined phone.  On our way back from the store, and just two blocks from our apartment, we see that the Farmer’s Market we discovered this past fall is back.  I buy some homegrown NJ tomatoes and corn.  As an answer to, “”How’s the corn?” the seller responds, “It’s very sweet.  Here, taste it.”  I had no idea you could eat raw corn.  We both taste it and confirm the seller’s assessment.  Four ears sold.

Tonight I meet Shari and her husband to see the movie Cyrus while our kids see Inception (Alexander for the second time).   I grab a slice of spinach and mushroom pizza with a side of broccoli before going, and then bring my fat-free popcorn and 24 Junior Mints to the theater.  Not exactly the most nutritious meal. 

Oh, and as if by magic, my etools is up and working again.  Glad that it is, or I may have eaten more Junior Mints than I did.  

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