Friday, August 12, 2011

15 points (lyn)

15 points can mean many things.  To me, 15 points is:

  • 3 small slices of thin crust pizza;
  • a 12 ounce NY strip steak;
  • a 10 ounce piece of farm-raised salmon; or
  • a large piece of pie.

But for Alexander....well, 15 points takes on a totally new meaning.

This summer, Alexander had three goals:
  • Get a job.
  • Learn to tie a tie.
  • Get a driver’s license.
The first goal is met in June.  The second goal takes a couple of months, but by Alexander’s last day of work (yesterday), he is able to tie a tie without help from youtube.

And today is Alexander’s driving test.  We both know it could go either way.

I’m nervous for him.  I know he’s not had enough experience to feel confident.  Ten driving lessons of 45 minutes each, most of them in Manhattan, plus a few lessons from my sister Jean, does not a driver make.

By eleven Alexander is home. 

Me:  Well?
Alexander:  I passed.
Me:  That’s great.  Congratulations.  Tell me all about it.
Alexander:  Well, I only got 15 points, for three offenses. 
Me:  What does that mean, 15 points?
Alexander:  Well, you can get up to 30 points and still pass.  The ideal is to have no points.
Me:  So, what did you get points for?
Alexander:  Parallel parking; I didn't do a good job at that.
Me:  Ok.  What else?
Alexander: Skimming a person and running a stop sign.
Me:  What do you mean skimming a person?
Alexander:  It was only a teenager and they didn’t fall down.  I’m sure if it had been a person with a cane or a young child I wouldn’t have gotten my license.

I am not sure whether or not to believe him.  Running a stop sign is a serious infraction on a driving test, but skimming a person?  I don’t care what age they are.  He must be kidding.  He is.

His three infractions are parallel parking, failing to turn on a blinker, and putting on his right blinker instead of his left one.

15 points.  Not too shabby for someone who now has their license and still has so much to learn about driving.

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