Tuesday, August 16, 2011

countdown (lyn)

We leave for Cornell in just two days.  Yesterday Alexander finishes the required reading (one book, Homer and Langley; you’d of thought it was Ulysses, the way he complained through every one of its 207 pages).  Still left for him to do:
  • Pack (not done stitch of clothing has been put in a suitcase), although all the other stuff that I’ve accumulated (storage boxes, comforter, sheets, big quantities of laundry detergent, shampoo, etc.) are scattered throughout the apartment.
  • Write a one-page paper on the book he just finished (he’s only had all summer to do this).
  • Apply for several Cornell jobs he’s identified (he’s been promising to do this since they were posted on August1).
  • Do a major laundry.
  • Get a haircut (he's looking more and more like a Hasidic Jew with his long and curling sideburns).
And he still:
  • Wants to see friends before leaving.
  • Have dinner with his grandparents.
  • Have a promised burger with me.
  • Have sushi from Ging’s, with me.
  • Watch the most recent episode of Curb, with me.
I walk in the living room to see if Alexander's made any progress on his paper.  He's stretched out on the sofa, under a blanket, casually reading through old emails that should have been answered weeks ago.  I’m stressed;  he’s not.  This I might not miss.

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