Friday, August 26, 2011

waiting for irene (lyn)

A storm of “historic” proportions is being forecast for the East Coast, including New York and Boston.

Irene, as this hurricane is being called, is on her way, and is expected to hit New York on Sunday.  Already the mayor has formed a command center.  He says mass transit may be closed down.  Certain areas of Manhattan are being considered for evacuation.  Amtrak has already cancelled its trains from NY to Boston.  Airlines and Amtrak have begun cancellations.  Last night the national news was delayed an hour so that local news could tell us what to fear and how to be prepared.  The media is reporting the supplies we should purchase (canned foods, batteries in case of electricity loss, etc.).  I even get an email from a friend saying that she has a camp stove, plenty of flashlights, and has stocked up on water, batteries and wine.  She invites everyone to come over if we lose power. 

I should be scared; instead I am excited.  While I certainly don’t wish hardship for anyone, there is something thrilling about nature's violence and unpredictability.

I have plenty of water, berries, fiber one bars, and some leftover strawberry rhubarb pie from Tates.  Losing my AC is my only fear.

The Wall Street Journal says, “Irene will be a once-in-a-lifetime storm for most New Yorkers.” My guess?  We’ll end up with some heavy rain and that'll be it.

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