Sunday, August 28, 2011

irene arrives (lyn)

Saturday Night
All Broadway theaters are closed.
Times Square is empty.
Grand Central Station is a ghost town.
There is tape on the lobby windows on all the buildings on my street.
The elevator service in this building, and those around it, stopped at 10pm, just in case.
Zelia and her son are staying with me tonight; their home is being renovated.
I brave the rain and find a pizza place that has remained open.  One of the few places that is.
We stay in and watch a movie, Win Win.
My neighbor asks if we should remove things near our windows in case the glass is blown out.  I worry about my TV crashing to the floor, but not enough to move it.
The city is at a standstill while we wait.
News coverage is non-stop. 
A tornado warning for this area is announced.
Irene is predicted to hit around two tomorrow afternoon.
The mayor, who looks exhausted, has a final press conference around 10:45pm.  He says, "The time to evacuate has passed.  Stay put, and do not leave your homes.  Flying debris (he mentions terrace furniture) can be dangerous."

Sunday Morning
Wake up around 8:30.  Zelia is already up and smiling.  It’s over.  The  historic storm has come and gone and we got some rain that has now stopped.  It may be sunny later today. 

This must be the most hyped non-event of the century.

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