Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a skirt can make a difference (lyn)

Go to Weight Watchers this morning.  Haven’t been in a month.  I’m wearing low-weight clothes, a little patched skirt and a white T.

I remember when I got the skirt.  2006 at the Vineyard Vines store in Mashpee Commons on the Cape.  I was thin then, but a mental mess.  I was with my parents, and my dad then was fine.  He was walking around, looking good.  We went into the store, and I tried on the skirt.  He liked it, and said he’d buy it for me.  It was a kind gesture and a nice surprise. 

Today I’m wearing it.  It still looks new, as it wasn’t worn (too small) for many of the years between 2006 and now.  As I’m about to step on the scale, and want to weigh my lowest, I look around and there are no men yet present.  Why not, I think.  I quickly slip off the skirt and step on the scale.  121.6, just .2 pounds more than a month ago.  After all I’ve been eating, I’m pleased.

Betsy sees me and says, “You should weigh-in now with the skirt on.  I’m curious to see if it really makes a difference.”  122.  Maybe next time I’ll take my top off too.

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