Saturday, August 6, 2011

date night (lyn)

I was 15 when Truman Capote’s book, In Cold Blood, was published.  I read it, and after that, had a fear of sleeping in houses.  The randomness and brutality of the crimes Capote described, seeped into my bones and never left.

I grew up in a typical suburban neighborhood, surrounded by other houses.  But sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would be awakened by imaginary noises.  I was sure there were people sneaking around downstairs and they would soon be upstairs to terrorize us.  On occasion, I would crawl in bed with one of my younger sisters.  That made me feel invisible and safe.

Even today, when I stay on the Cape, I always double check to make sure all the doors are locked.  My parents think I'm a bit ridiculous, and I know they are right.

Living in a doorman building in a big city suits me perfectly.  I don’t like the feeling of seclusion, and I don’t like sleeping alone in a house.  Mr. Truman ruined all that for me years ago.  But I don’t mind being scared, as long as I know I’m safe.

Tonight Alexander and I have a date.  A movie and dinner, that’s the plan.

Our original thinking of “let’s eat out” turns into  “let’s order in” and our “let’s go to a movie” becomes “let’s watch Insidious," the Netflix movie we recently received.

We can’t decide on a dinner-type we both want, so we order separately.  Alexander picks up some Chinese food from around the corner, while I order “sizzling salmon” from a place called Healthalicious.  I’m still not comfortable eating Chinese food, too many hard-to-count ingredients.

Alexander’s food arrives before mine.  “Mind if I start?” he asks.  “Of course not,” I respond.”  Ten minutes later my food arrives, but by then, Alexander has finished his.

Alexander looks at my dinner and says, “That looks good for being healthy.”  The salmon is, though I’m not so sure about the sweet potato fries.

We turn off the lights, and begin the movie.  A young family moves into a big house and strange, bad things start to happen.  The good reviews are deserving.  Halfway into it, sitting in our dark apartment, both of us are feeling edgy.  Alexander suggests going out for sorbet, and I agree.  Food is a good distraction for being scared. 

Even though Alexander and I don’t really have dinner together, and even though I eat more than I should, and even though the movie withers during the second half, it is till a great Saturday night date.   I’d go out with him again if he asks.

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