Friday, August 5, 2011

pre and post dawn (lyn)

WARNING:  This posting has nothing to do with food or weight loss, but it may be helpful to know.

Three years ago M and I bought Prada wallets.  Mine was a gorgeous salmon color.  It was stunning.  But after a year or so of living in various purses, my wallet lost its beauty.  Black smudges covered most of its surface.  I tried everything to clean it.
  •  I called Prada; they were useless.
  •  I used my UGG polish; it didn’t help.
  •  I tried Baby Wipes that someone had recommended; these did not work.
  •  I bought special leather cleaner from Coach; this helped marginally.
  •  I even had it professionally cleaned at the famed Leather Spa;  the result was okay, but not good enough to justify the $45 it cost me.
I'd soon have to buy a new wallet.  Mine was becoming embarrassing.

Then the other night over dinner I happened to mention my wallet problem to Gail.  She told  me to use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid to clean it.  “I don’t know what’s in it, but it works.”  Apparently, she was told by someone at T. Anthony, a high-end leather store in Manhattan, that Dawn is the most effective cleaner to use on their very expensive leather luggage.

I’m skeptical, but it’s only $1.79.  I buy a bottle.

I squirt some on a small cloth, and begin to rub.  I cannot believe the difference.  I call in Alexander to show him.  He of course doesn't care and then jokingly says, "You should put this on your blog.  I'm sure your readers will find it fascinating."  Okay, maybe not fascinating, but at least helpful.  It saved me the price of a new wallet.  Thank you, Gail.  



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