Wednesday, August 3, 2011

after all that (m)

Recall the $1,300 suit I got for free from the store in New York who messed up my order back in April, causing me to miss wearing this suit at an important meeting.

Today, I had a big meeting in town with the President of an athletic team which just won a major event (comparable to the World Series if this were baseball).  I've met him before and haven't seen him in months.

I get dressed, drive into the skating rink to meet with people there and then we head into Boston.  I'm not used to wearing a suit since I stopped working.  It feels odd to be in a skirt with my legs showing.  Something's off.

Get to the meeting, do my bit of the presentation.  At the end, we are all hanging around, talking about the team's accomplishment this past season.  One of the managers of the team looks at me and says, "You've accomplished something yourself."

I think he is referring to the project I had been working on.  "No," he clarifies, "You've lost alot of weight....your suit is big for you."

Think I can return it for a smaller size?

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