Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the life of riley (lyn)

An earthquake hits Virginia and is felt in New York City.
My dad is still in rehab and is getting better at a snail's pace.
M's friend is losing her battle with an ugly disease.
My mom is coping with a more confined existence.
But here at the beach, the realities of life are on hold.
The days are lazy and relaxed.
The weather is summer-perfect.
Get up.  Eat a healthy breakfast of berries.
Sit by the pool and finish a book, FAITH by Jennifer Haigh.
Cool off with a quick swim.
Have a cream cheese-lox sandwich for lunch.
Talk to Alexander several times.  He is very happy.
Eat a lobster dinner outside at Oaklands, a waterside restaurant. 
Watch the sun set with a good friend and her entertaining kids.
Summer is a good time to escape...even if it's only for three days.

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