Friday, August 26, 2011

saying goodbye to A (m)

My friend A's sister called me on last night to invite me to say goodbye to A.  She is slipping fast.

I arrive at A's house around 1 p.m. and go into her bedroom.  She is alone in the bed and barely conscious. I hold her hand and thank her for her friendship and tell her I love her.  I remind her that she has left a wonderful legacy in her three great kids.  I ask her to tell my mother I said hello.

A little while later, another friend and A's mother join me.  Her mother gets in the bed and snuggles with her.  Her friend Liz, another cancer patient, holds her hand and tells her how much she loves her.  I stand at A's feet and warm them with my hands.  I want to hold onto her for as long as I can.

When I am driving home I realize what a privilege it was to be able to share in such an intimate moment.   I am grateful to A's family for giving me the chance to say goodbye.

I pray for a safe journey and a "soft landing" for A.


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM EDT

    once again, you are a terrific friend, and A has been a terrific friend also. you are very loved by her and her family. feel honored and priviliged to be a total, and full circle part of her life. your wishes and prayers for her could not be more tender or heartfelt.


  2. Anonymous10:34 AM EDT

    kj--thank you for your kind words which make me feel better.