Monday, August 8, 2011

kneads rest (lyn)

Giorgio’s has the best non-greasy, thin-crusted pizza in town.  Last night, after much debate, Alexander and I decide to order-in from there.  We always get the same thing:  a 16-inch Santa Monica (mozzarella, tomato sauce, pesto sauce, sun dried tomato, and goat cheese). 

It takes about an hour for the pizza to arrive.  By the time it does, it’s close to nine, and we are starving.  We open the large box and see an oddly shaped oval.  The oval is divided into six pieces.   One piece is sporting a large hole, as if the delivery guy got hungry on the way to our apartment.  It is barely recognizable as a pizza.  But we are very hungry.

We sit down to eat our misshapen pizza.  “You’re having the piece with the hole in it,” Alexander says.  He is more skeptical than I am regarding the hole’s origin.  He then picks up a piece and it falls apart in his hands. 

I call Giorgio’s, and without any argument at all, Melissa (I always get a name) says, “No problem, we’ll credit you the full cost of the pizza.  Her lack of resistance suggests a bigger problem.

Today, I notice that Melissa accidentally charged my credit card even though I paid cash.  So I stop by Giorgio’s.  Eddie helps me.  When I tell him about last night’s pizza, he says, “Oh, we had lots of complaints.  Apparently, we got an order of 50 pies during the day, which was very unusual.  That caused us to run out of dough.  We had to make more, and then we started getting in orders and the dough didn’t have enough time to rest.  Usually it needs about five or six hours and last night it only had time to rest for a couple.”  

I had no idea that dough needs to rest.  I guess all the kneading must tire it out.

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