Saturday, August 13, 2011

quest for the perfect cup (lyn)

I drink a lot of coffee.

I never used to, but since I got a Keurig coffee maker three years ago, and since I’m often home, and since coffee is an appetite suppressant, I now have several cups a day.  While I love the ease of my Keurig, I’m finding that the coffee isn’t brewed quite hot enough, and it’s expensive.  Between the Poland Spring water I use, and the 50 cents or more per K-cup, it isn’t all that economical.

So I decide to get a regular coffee maker and put the Keurig on hiatus for a while.

I spent hours researching what should be a simple purchase. 

First I consider Bodum’s French Coffee Press.  I like its all glass design, its reviews, and its small footprint.  I almost buy it.  But then I think, how can I go from the simplicity of a Keurig to the many steps involved in the French press method?  No, I decide.

Same thing with the Chemex and the Stelton Press Coffee Maker…nice designs, great reviews, but too much work.

Next I consider thermal.  Since I drink coffee throughout the day, it would be nice to make it once and have it stay warm.  But the reviews are not consistently good for any of the thermal coffee makers.

So now what?  Again, more research, and I finally settle on the popular Cuisinart DCC 1200 and a 34-ounce thermal carafe from Nissan to keep my coffee warm.

Armed with all this research, and my 20% coupon, I go to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  There I see other models I haven’t considered.  I leave and go next door to Starbucks, with my iPad, and look up the reviews on these models.  None are as good as the Cuisinart DCC-1200. 

I return to BBB to buy the Cuisinart but see that it’s $15 more than the price on Amazon.  I point this out to a salesperson.  He goes and finds a manager.  That manager tells me I need to see another manager.  I see another manager, Caesar.  He agrees to match the price.

Two hours after arriving at BBB I am finally ready to pay and leave.

I get to the cash register.  Open my purse.  And then realize, I’ve forgotten my wallet and my credit cards.

I leave empty handed, come home, have a cup of coffee, sit down at my computer, and order on Amazon.

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