Thursday, August 4, 2011

that'll teach me (m)

I hate tracking.  You have to weigh, measure and write.  At every meeting, they remind you "if you bite it, write it."  My mother used to say I'd get carpal tunnel syndrome if I wrote down everything I really ate in a day.

I woke up today determined to write everything down.  If we're being honest, here goes:

Breakfast: one Chobani 0% fat Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of granola plus a vanilla flavored Keuring coffee pod with fat free cream--7 points

Lunch-one dark chocolate Milky Way bar-6 points (obviously not recommended by WW but a point is a point).  This was after my meeting and I found this in the car and was starving.  Not good planning on my part.

Pre-Dinner--shopping at Whole Foods (which I hate because the store is tiny and people are always bumping into you or standing in the middle of the aisle talking about their precious kids).  I taste a cube of some rubbery cheese.  I'll call that one point.  Next aisle: that Japanese mix that's like Chex Mix but spicy and shiny. One point for that.  Deli counter: I taste quinoa for the first time.  It has feta cheese, sheep's milk, blueberries and parsley in it.  Very odd, not bad.  Let's call it one point as it was a tiny, thimble-sized container.

Dinner-grilled chicken on a bed of salad leaves and vegetables with some of that quinoa sprinkled on top.  After the third bite, my tongue feels weird. I don't recall having one of those cold sores on my tongue.  It hurts.  I put the fork down and exam my tongue in the mirror--I don't see a fever blister.  I sit down again and try to concentrate on what's happening.  The thing on my tongue is getting My tongue is really thick!  I can't swallow.  I run to the medicine chest and grab the Benadryl and take the maximum dose.

One hour later, my tongue starts to go down.  I'm drowsy.  I go to bed.

Now I have to figure out which of the healthy foods caused the allergic reaction. This may cure me of my desire to taste everything that is being sampled in a store.

The upside is that I under ate versus my point allottment and may have broken my habit to taste virtually everything offered.

Less food.  Less tracking.  Works for me.

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