Thursday, August 18, 2011

a text from my friend, A (m)

Alone in the kitchen, doing the dishes.  I hear a beep-beep from my cell phone across the room.  My hands are full of soap.  I rinse off and walk across the kitchen.  Who is texting me at 11 p.m.?  My family is home and in bed.

It's from my friend, A, the one with cancer.  I have her Vineyard Vines corduroys that I picked up in Freeport, Maine and we arranged to meet this week for me to give them to her and she has a duffel bag she bought me. 

Would she be texting me now about this?

I look at the text.  It's bad news.  She is in the hospital. 

I won't divulge the details but I'm sick to my stomach when I get this text.

I know this has nothing to do with Weight Watchers.  I am telling you this because I need a favor from each of you.


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