Saturday, August 27, 2011

first attempt not successful (lyn)

It’s rainy and dark and obviously a good day to stay in.  I am finally ready to set up my new coffee maker.  I follow the directions for first time use.  “Fill the reservoir with cold water and follow directions for Brewing Coffee.”  I do this.

When the carafe is full, I empty it in the sink and go to move the coffee maker.  There is still boiling water in the filter and it comes splashing through the coffee maker onto my hand.  The pain is searing.  I rush to the internet and look up “burn from boiling water.”  I run my hand under cold water for a very long time.

Apparently, you are supposed to leave the cover on the carafe while the water is filtering through.  How is one to know this?  It is not intuitive since the cover on the carafe looks solid.  And, the instruction manual offers no warning.

I put off making coffee for a while as I tend to my burned right hand.  It’s painful but the cold water helps; it doesn’t blister.

Around four, I make coffee.  End result?  Too hot and too strong.  Next time I’ll do better. 

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