Saturday, August 27, 2011

wish she'd hurry up and get here already (lyn)

So I get up early and begin three loads of laundry.  I go to the Farmer’s Market already tasting the cinnamon swirl roll.  They are closed.  Irene again.

There is non-stop coverage on TV.  I turn it off to watch a movie.

I go to Agata to get some food.  Tape covers their windows.  They too have closed in anticipation of Irene.

I call several restaurants to get a reservation for tonight.  No answer.  Closed, probably.

I can't even get a manicure.

Good I have no clothes for the dry cleaners;  they are also closed.

Out of curiosity, I call Bloomingdales.  Closed all-day Saturday, says the recording.

For the city that never sleeps, it's certainly doing a lot of napping.

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