Friday, August 5, 2011

aftermath of an allergic reaction (m)

I fully suspect the culprit of my swollen tongue to be the Japanese chex mix.  Don't they put fish in everything?  I am allergic to certain types of shellfish.  With that as perspective, I have some leftover quinoa (pronounced "queen-wa") for lunch.

My lip swells up like a dirigible.  Fortunately, the Benadryl is at hand and I drink half a bottle. 

As I think about foods that have physically hurt me, the list is as follows:

carrots--broke a tooth, got a crown on the broken tooth, had carrots again, chipped the crown.
scallops--huge hives.  had to have the company doctor shoot a needleful of adrenaline in my butt.  couldn't eat lunch at the company cafeteria ever again after that since he was usually eating there.
crab--same deal, hives.
quinoa-a simple grain, good for you yet I can't eat it.

As I reflect upon this list I realize I've never been stricken by a Hershey bar.

Does this mean I'm destined to be fat?

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