Monday, August 22, 2011

visiting zelia (lyn)

Zelia has rented a house in Southampton for a month, and today I leave town to visit her for a few days.  It's a gorgeous summer day (sunny, not too hot, no humidity), and that's the forecast for the next three days.

Zelia is a healthy eater, so I know not to worry about a plethora of fattening foods.  

We spend the day lounging, reading and talking by the pool.  I love the beach and had thought that's where we should go, but now having spent an afternoon on a heavily cushioned chair, next to a bathroom and kitchen, I doubt I'll see the ocean while here.  There is a lot to be said for comfort.

Alexander calls twice with questions about buying books and setting up an Amazon account.  None of his calls are because he misses home.  Despite that, Zelia and her kids tease me relentlessly about "all the calls."

Dinner is excellent.  Barbecued  steak, chicken, vegetables and a salad.  Then I ruin it with two pies from Tates:  an apple crumb and a strawberry rhubarb.  Both excellent.  

While fall and winter are definitely my favorite seasons, I do like the casualness of summer.  Packing up to go away is easy-clothes are small and light and I don't need make-up (a tan takes care of that).  Hanging out with good friends, out of the city, is relaxed and pressure-free.  It's easy to forget the stresses that live at home (no job, no money).

We go to bed early.  There's no AC, but we don't need it.  The window stays open, a sweet summer breeze blows in.  Before I lost my job, it had always been my dream to have a little home out here.  At one point, I even had the money for a down payment.  Now I know that will never happen, and it does make me sad.  But it doesn't lessen the enjoyment of being in a beautiful place with good friends.

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