Tuesday, August 30, 2011

temptation (lyn)

I’m asked to participate in a Focus Group for a new credit card.  I pass the two screening criteria easily:  own multiple credit cards and use them regularly.  It pays $175 for 90 minutes.

I walk the two miles there and back, but it’s a dangerous walk.  No muggers or gangs or bad neighborhoods.  In fact, just the opposite.  Expensive stores and stylishly dressed people.

I pass Betsey Bunky Nini’s (not exactly by accident), a boutique on Lexington.  I try on a size small cashmere skirt (somewhat reasonably priced), and decide that maybe I'll get it someday if it ever goes on sale.  Then I see a spectacular pair of jeans-like navy cord pants, but at $290, I have to pass, though they fit perfectly.  I feel guilty leaving without them but would feel guiltier leaving with them.

I visit the Ugg store and try on a pair of short Ugg boots.  They’re cute and comfortable, but I don’t need them.  I leave empty-handed.

I then go to my Focus Group.  It brings back nice memories of working on the other side of the two-way mirror.

I leave there and go to Fendi where for a short period of time, one can customize the leather color, stitching, hardware and straps on their gorgeous sellaria line of handbags.  And, I have a $500 credit.  I look at the swatches and am leaning toward a dark grape messenger bag with silver stitching, hardware and a leather strap. Prettier than it sounds.  I’ll think about it.

I stroll through Bergdorf’s shoe department and ogle the Gravati boots.  I don’t even try them on.  I know I’ll have to have them if I do.

Wolford’s is just around the corner and on my walk home.  I try on two, size small black skirts that are very tight and look great.  I remember all my other black skirts and my lack of income and walk out buying nothing.

Lululemon is also on the walk back.  Good; they don’t have a size 6 in the grey Studio Crop.

Four miles and $175 richer, I arrive home having made only a single purchase, despite many more stops than those itemized here.

$5.99 on a package of Tate chocolate chip cookies.  The one thing I just could not resist.

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