Thursday, December 24, 2009

100 days (lyn)

In 1979 or so, I worked for a man named Don.  His most memorable characteristic was his smallness.  Both in stature and mentality. 

My co-workers and I used to laugh about him behind his back.  Not because he was so short, but because he was so simple-minded in his approach to everything.  All his advice seemed to come directly from textbooks that we were sure he studied every night.  And, if something was done well, he had only one response:  Super.  Every good deed was rewarded with a “That’s super.”  We all came to hate that word.

He wrote daily in a diary and told us about it.  He wrote only for the first 100 days of his employment.  Of all his employments.   He told us he set goals for his first 100 days, and then evaluated himself against these goals.  We thought this was ridiculous, not so much the idea, but more because our division accomplished so little.  Looking back, I honestly don’t even remember what our division was supposed to do.  We wondered how Don could even consider awarding himself a commendation of Super.

But I think I can.

Today is my 100th day on Weight Watchers, and I definitely feel that I’ve accomplished a lot.  So here’s what I am proud of:

       I’ve lost 21.8 pounds
       I’ve lost any trace of a double chin
       I feel great, and think I look better than I have in a very long time
       All my sweaters and tops fit again
       I’m no longer embarrassed to bump into people I haven’t seen in a while
       I’m committed to writing this blog with M, and enjoy doing it
       I set a goal and accomplished it.

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