Tuesday, December 29, 2009

plateau (m)

Went to PT this morning.  I have been doing this twice per week for about 5 weeks.

Rode the bike, stretched the hamstrings, strapped the weights on my ankles and did leg lifts, then the leg press, followed by lunges, squats, leg extender and leg curl.  Ended with the balance board.

After an hour of this, I lie down for my treat....a 10-minute ice pack. 

I'm almost falling asleep when Tara announces that, because I'm still experiencing significant pain, she wants me to see the surgeon.  She thinks we've hit a plateau and that the only way to break through is to have the surgery.  I am bummed, but know she's right. 

The inflammation is persistent, the pain is constant, and the limitations on my knee are preventing me from exercising the way I should be to move this weight loss program along.

I left PT dejected.  I was so hopeful.

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