Tuesday, December 29, 2009

do more than just see something (lyn)

Since 2003, The Metropolitan Transit Authority has been running a series of ads with the tagline, “If you see something, say something.”  These ads, spotted regularly in subways and busses, are intended to provoke people to act who might otherwise be afraid.  Living in New York, the potential for terrorism is never far from our subconscious, and the simple act of reporting something strange or unusual could make a huge difference.

I decide today that my son should heed a version of this tagline at home.  “If you see something, do something,” as in:

      If you happen by the water cooler and see that it is empty, put a new 3-gallon bottle on

      If you find there is no more room to add another empty bottle or can to the re-cycling bag on our counter, take them downstairs to the basement where they will re-cycled

      If you see the paper towels are almost gone, get a new roll

      If you notice there is no liquid soap left in the dispenser, refill it

      If you use all but the last sheet of toilet paper, still replace it

      If you take the last cold bottle of Poland Spring water, open a new case and put it in the refrigerator

      If you have to move around dishes to squeeze the last one into the dishwasher, add some Cascade and run a load

      And most importantly, if you eat my last Vitamuffin, tell me so I won’t be disappointed.

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