Thursday, December 31, 2009

the jury is out (m)

Weigh in today at 11:30.  The verdict will be in soon.

Like some criminal, I reflect back to the events which led me to this moment and wonder what my sentence will be.  Will I be set back a few weeks of progress?

 Highlights of this holiday season include:

* Patty's eggplant on Christmas Eve.  Sat in my stomach like a brick.
* Three drinks on Christmas Day...raspberry margherita, wine, champagne.  You know I don't drink, but with 16 people relying upon me for a huge Christmas Dinner, it was either alcohol or Valium.
* My mother's sugar cookies.  A huge assortment of them.  I had one...then another.  I stopped at three.
* V's nuts.  My friend roasts her own nuts.  My family said they were good.  I tried one, which led to a small handful.  I had to send the remainder home with someone.

I allowed myself a two-pound gain.  If I could limit the damage to that, I'd only have lost one week.

I don't dare get on my scale.  We'll see what Elaine has to say when I go to Weight Watchers.

I hate this.

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