Thursday, December 31, 2009

out like a lamb (lyn)

Last day of the year.  Wake up with a headache (took NyQuil last night) but feel better as soon as I see it’s snowing out.  Though the snow doesn’t last long, it’s nice to end the year with a little white fluff. 

Alexander and I were going to return some clothes he’d gotten at Bloomingdales, but he decides to postpone that activity until tomorrow.  Instead I get a much-needed manicure and pedicure, and eat non-stop, or so it feels.  I start with some hot tea, then have yogurt and blueberries.  Good so far.  But then by mid-day I am starving, so I eat the last of the nova in my fridge and make a small salad.  But I’m still hungry.  So then I eat two chocolates, which I never do.  My cold is still knocking me out, and my runny eyes make my head feel heavy; so I decide to have an early dinner, thinking that maybe some food will wake me.  I make dinner.  A turkey burger on a Brioche roll with fat-free Pringles and a slice of angel food cake with chocolate icing. It’s only seven pm.  And I still feel sleepy. 

Robyn comes over to watch a movie with Alexander and me.  We turn on the DVD, and about an hour into it, I can’t keep my eyes open, and the movie is good.  So I excuse myself (Robyn is a good enough friend that I’m sure she’ll understand), and go into my room.  So now I’m about to fall asleep at 9:15 on New Year’s Eve.  Typical of the year I’m leaving. Comfortable and quiet. 

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