Wednesday, December 30, 2009

big effort for small result (lyn)

Again this week, I do everything right.  Eat within plan, barely touch my bonus points, and fill up on fruits and vegetables.  I’m so excited to weigh-in this morning that I go to bed like a child on Christmas Eve.  I step on the official WW’s scale and with much delight Marianne (Robin is on vacation) proclaims, “One point two pounds.  That’s fantastic, especially during the holidays.”  I smile, knowing in my heart that it’s better to have lost than not, but even so, I am frustrated.

In the past four weeks, I have lost 4.6 pounds, compared to 6.8 pounds in the four prior weeks, and 8.8 pounds in the four weeks prior to that.  I know that I am working off a smaller frame, and that’s good.  I’m even told by one member that I shouldn’t lose any more weight or I’ll look gaunt  (I think I have a long way to go before I have to worry about that).  The group even discusses my frustration (because it’s a small group this week and I bring it up), saying that (a) I look great; (b) I should be more delighted about the fact that I am down two sizes than what the scale says, and (c) I should acknowledge that losing anywhere between .5 and 1.5 pounds a week is a realistic expectation---more than that is not the norm.

Steve says that we shouldn’t “performance eat.” He adds, “eating for the scale is a diet mentality and that’s the wrong way to approach what should be a lifestyle change.”  I know he’s right.  And yes, I am still very proud of the fact that I’ve lost 23 pounds since September 16 (not quite my goal of 24 pounds, but close).

When I look at all the clothes in my closet that I can now wear, and how much healthier I feel and look, I can’t help but smile. 

I’d love to lose another 10 to 15 pounds, but I should realize that it’s going to take longer than the first 15, and not be as noticeable.  Going from chunky to normal gets a lot more acknowledgement than going from normal to thin.  But that’s okay.

I am going into 2010 with the confidence and will power I didn’t have a year ago.  At least in regards to food, I’m able to make smarter choices.  And that alone is reason to celebrate.  I’d say, “bring out the champagne,” but a glass wouldn’t be worth the three and a half points, not when I could eat six ounces of cooked lobster meat for the same point value. 

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