Monday, January 2, 2012

apple update only because I know you're wondering (lyn)

No one from Apple calls me back, so around 5:30, I call them.  I hang up at 8:15.  I’m not joking.  In the two hours and 45 minutes that I am on the phone:

Richard, the senior the tech with whom I am speaking, tells me to do something.
I question him.  “Are you sure this won’t cause any data in my calendar to disappear?”
“No, it definitely won't," he authoritatively promises.

“Are you sure,” I persist.
“Yes, I’m sure,” he answers indignantly.
I think he’s wrong, but hey, he is the Apple senior tech.
More questioning on my part, more definitive answers oh his.
“Okay,” I finally say..” 
I click on a button, and poof, 18,000 events (I’m later told the number) disappear from my calendar.

After two hours of trying to get it back, it eventually comes back.  But in minutes it disappears again to iCloud.  Then it comes back.  And on and on. 

Richard grows impatient and tells me he's been on the call for hours and can’t stay on with me much longer.

“Are you kidding?” I ask in astonishment. “We’ve been spending all this time trying to undo the problem that YOU CREATED!!!!!!   We haven’t even begun to address the iCloud issues I originally called about. “  He hands me off to someone else. I'm glad to be done with Richard but I want to cry.  

I next get Robert who is much nicer and more capable.  He doesn’t have a solution but promises to call at 10 tomorrow morning, which is fine with me, as I have zero stamina left.

Meanwhile, my iCal program has been running in continuous update mode for hours now.  A blue and white spiral keeps spinning within a pop-up window that reads, “Upgrading ICal calendars...,”  whatever that means.

But the worst part?  Alexander was going to cook dinner, but by the time I hang up it’s too late to start buying groceries and preparing a meal.  Instead, it’s a quick trip to Agata, some salmon over rice, and fifty cookies. 

Had computers been around when Sartre was writing, No Exit would have been a completely different hell.

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