Monday, January 9, 2012

favorite breakfast (m)

This is my new favorite breakfast.  It's an omelette with egg, potato, cheese and chive and it's huge and only 6-7 points.  It holds me for hours.

1. One teaspoon of oil (canola or olive) in the pan. Don't turn heat on yet.
2. Microwave a small Yukon gold potato until it's tender.
3. Slice potato in rounds (like thick chips) and place in pan on medium low heat
4. Add chopped chives
5. Mix one egg and 3/4 cup of egg whites.  The mixture will still be yellowish in color so it's not all egg whites.
6.Add egg mixture to pan.
7. Cut up one piece of Weight Watchers string cheese and place in omelette mixture so it melts.

I grind up pepper and add to it.  Add ketchup to taste.

I also have half a grapefruit and a cup of green tea.  It's very satisfying.

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