Friday, January 27, 2012

back to that dress that makes me look "sex" (lyn)

At Bloomingdale’s 90% off sale yesterday, I came across another Donna Karan dress I absolutely loved. This one started at $895 but I bought it for $71.60.  It is simple with a luxurious soft, drapey jersey material.

This dress is the same size Small as the other two items I tried on and bought.  But it felt much tighter.  I think it should have been sized as Smaller, not Small.  The tag on the dress describes it as being part of the Infinity System, same as the other two pieces I bought.

“Each piece is a day-into-night system.  Twist, wrap, drape, tie, or knot for an entirely new look.   Sexy, sophisticated & ready to travel your world.”

Who would have thought that a simple dress could be so many things?  

I buy it and then try it on at home and ask for opinions.
  • Gail thinks it would be fine with the right control top panty hose.
  • Robyn thinks it’s a bit tight but maybe with proper undergarments it could work.
  • Robyn’s boyfriend thinks it’s fine the way it is.
  • And Zelia, predictably, thinks, “It’s too tight and your arms don’t look good.”
I agree with Zelia but have two thoughts:

  1. I’ll wear it with a wrap, thereby taking care of the arm problem.
  2. If I lose about five pounds, I bet it will look fine.
Now losing five pounds, at this point, would not be easy, but I believe I could do it.  And I figure that for the right occasion where I really wanted to wear this dress, I’d have at least a month’s notice (it’s pretty dressy).  So I think I’ll keep it.  It’ll be my aspirational dress…everyone must have at least one in their closet.  This will be mine.

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