Monday, January 16, 2012

a farewell breakfast (lyn)

Alexander is returning to school today.  Last night he tells me that he’ll probably take an early bus, though I know this will never happen.  It doesn’t.

Around noon, Alexander is ready to go.  “Bye, mom,” he announces as he’s putting on his coat.  He thinks he might be able to catch the 12:30 bus.  He still needs to find where he’s going, buy a ticket, pick up lunch, and take a cab crosstown in midday to Port Authority.  I tell him he’ll never make it, and wonder aloud what would make him think he could.  I convince him (through food, not logic) to take the 2:30 bus instead.  "This will give us time to go out for breakfast,"  I say.  He doesn't resist.

We choose a local diner.   It’s crowded, but we manage to get a table right away.  Alexander orders simply:  an omelet, toast and orange juice.  I want the eggs benedict or pancakes, but because my son is showing restraint, I order two eggs over medium, then cave and get bacon and an English muffin.  At least I pass on the potatoes.  I enjoy the company, but less so the food and surly waiter.  I feel greasy by the time we leave. 

Alexander is back at school by six, and I am on my way to theater with Penny, having eaten only soup and yogurt with fruit for dinner.  There has to be compromise somewhere.

I am home by ten, hungry and a little lonesome.  The big bowl of sorbet I eat helps only the former.

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