Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sort of like a blind date (lyn)

Last week, I hear of a play I want to see (The Fall To Earth).  I send an email to Robyn and Penny, asking them if they want to go, and to let me know if they hear of any $4 tickets (we all subscribe to different theater sites).  Penny writes back and copies me and Robyn and someone else:  just went ...it is assaultive & devastating....well acted...not fun.

Next, I get an email from the someone else saying she can get tickets and do I want to go.  Thinking the someone else is another someone else, I say yes.  We make plans to meet at the theater.

I eat a quick, unhealthy dinner of mashed potatoes, chicken drumsticks, and a modified Brazilian chicken potpie followed by four cookies.  The only other thing I eat today (aside from coffee) is a 16 Candles combo of three different sorbets with a few nut sprinkles.

I arrive at the theater early, and I’m waiting for the person I think is coming, only to be surprised when the person who is coming shows up.  I know her, but barely.  We’ve briefly met once or twice at one of Penny’s many parties. We immediately connect and are quickly trading stories.  I wish I could meet men as easily as I meet women.

And the play?  Just like Penny said...assaultive, devastating, well-acted, not fun...but  definitely worth seeing.

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