Saturday, January 28, 2012

a night out alone (lyn)

In early January,  Meredith and I are scheduled to see a play at Manhattan Theater Club, where we both are members.  Neither of us feels like going so we don't.  We say we will re-schedule, and figure it shouldn’t be too hard given the reviews.  Here are three; there are many more like these: 

“The clunker title isn’t the only non-working part of Close Up Space---NY Times

“David Hyde Pierce (the show’s star)…should have demanded that Close Up Space go through a heavy edit.”---NY One

Close Up Space becomes awfully wearing for a one-act running a mere 80 minutes.”---Hollywood Reporter

Shockingly, when we decide to re-schedule we find the play is sold out.  And, it’s closing this weekend.  Meredith can’t go, so I get a single ticket for tonight.  I still have no interest in attending, but feel, as a member, I should.

I grab my go-to dinner, a pre-made salmon and tuna sushi from Agata.  I then give in to temptation and eat a slice of Schick’s 7-layer cake.  I'm out the door by seven.

The play is a nice surprise... much better than the reviews make it sound.  In fact, the first scene is so perfectly written and acted, it’s worth seeing this short play for the first ten minutes alone.

I’m home by 10.  Before getting in bed, I decide I’d feel better if the 7-layer cake can’t tempt me anymore.  (Think Donna Karan silver dress).   I toss the remaining 1/3 of the cake, and go to bed feeling better.

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