Saturday, January 7, 2012

a slow saturday start (lyn)

My mom frequently calls early, so when the phone rings this morning, my first thought is, “Wow, doesn’t she know it’s Saturday?” (as if my Saturday is different from any other day of the week).  “Hi, it’s me,” I hear her saying at the crack of dawn.  I was reading this article in the paper about Natalie and Chet (as if I should know these people), and I was….,” I pick up.  She’s out walking (she exercises more than I do and is 82).  I look at my clock and am shocked to see it’s almost 11.  Last night I took two Benadryl (for a new itchy something on my left thumb) and it totally knocked me out. 

By the time I get Alexander up, make him eggs and hash browns (I only have a 100-calorie bagel, cream cheese and lox) the day is more than half over.  I’m surprised and happy to see a weight of 121 this morning, and this after a night of eating too many chocolate chip cookies with Jill and Zelia as we watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Alexander takes a handful of his shirts and pants to my favorite cleaners.  While not cheap, Joseph works miracles on clothes.  As Alexander is walking out the door, I shout, “Oh, say hi to Joseph for me,” and then quickly add, “On second thought, don’t bother.  He might not know me by name.”  Alexander responds as if he is Joseph, “Oh, you’re the skinny woman’s son.”  Then, after thinking a moment, he says, “You love being skinny.”  He’s right; I do, and I never tire of being told.

Addendum:  I ask Alexander to read this post.  He does and then says, "I don't like it.  You sound pompous.  Do you think anyone reading this blog doesn't already know that you like being called skinny?  And by the way, those potatoes you re-heated were not hash browns!"  

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