Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what I saw at the golden globes (m)

Lyn asks me if I'm going to watch the Golden Globes.  I have seen just two movies this year.  I remark that it would be like dropping in on an AP Physics class, never having had the basic course.  I'm afraid I won't understand what's going on.

Instead, I tune into the red carpet segment.  I'm looking for ideas for formal wear for my niece's wedding in Newport.  I can't find a "gown" to wear.  I know the overweight actresses from The Help and Bridesmaids will be there.  Wonder if I can catch some ideas from them.

Here they come...first Octavia Spencer from The Help.  Oh, a lavender dress.  The front part looks like something Kate Smith used to wear with its obvious panels to flatten her stomach.  The fluttering sleeves mask, but do not hide, her big arms.

Wait...here comes Melissa McCarthy.  Ugh.  A tent dress a la Mama Cass or Totie Fields.  In bile green, no less.

My takeaway from the scene?

There's no disguising heavy.  No matter how much money you have.  Not even if you have professional stylists.

Keep losing weight.

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