Tuesday, January 3, 2012

too stressed to even eat (lyn)

I know that today is going to be a tough day.   Computer problems, especially big ones, can upset the balance of one’s life.  So I get up trying to mentally prepare myself for what lies ahead.

I step on the scale and am horrified.  126.  That’s four pounds over my maximum desired weight.  Time to say good-bye to chocolate croissant breakfasts, hamburger and fries for lunch, pasta dinners, and homemade cookies.  I should be grateful that it’s only four pounds.

I skip the call from Robert and go directly to the Apple store.  I grab some coffee and a Fiber One Bar and leave, carrying with me 16.6 pounds of equipment (my computer, iPhone, iPad, and Time Machine).  I arrive at the Apple Store in time for my 10:20 appointment that I had booked last night, just in case.

A very nice guy helps me.  At some point he suggests that I may have a problem with my account settings and I will have to call iTunes for them to help.  I turn into a crazy person.  I beg him not to make me call Apple again.  My voice is literally breaking as I plead with him, “Please, please, can’t you fix it?  Honestly, I don’t have it in me to do any more phone support.  Really, I can’t.” I almost burst out crying, right there in the middle of the beautiful new Apple store.  But just then, another Apple genius (this time, a real one) comes by and takes over.

For the next two and a half hours, James patiently works his magic, and by 2:40 we are done.  That’s four and a half hours after I entered the store!!!

I call Meredith and we cancel our plans to see a play tonight…it’s cold and I am emotionally spent.  I stop at Agata on the way home and bump into someone from my building.  Judy wants to join Weight Watchers and come with me next week.  She says, “You know, I have never been a believer in the program, but honestly, you are my inspiration.  I look at you and see how fantastic you look, and it’s because of you that I am going to join.”  I want to hug her, but one person thinking I'm crazy is enough for one day.

I pick up a pizza salad for dinner, come home and eat an apple for a very late lunch. I have so much more to do. I still need to re-set my preferences, re-type six pages of data that were lost in the migration to iCloud, re-add my phone favorites and ring tones, re-enter all the birthdays that disappeared from iCal, re-group my apps, and a cajillion other things, all to get back to where I was two days ago.  

It’s great when everything works, but what a monumental mess when it doesn’t. 

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