Monday, January 2, 2012

new clothes for alexander (lyn)

We are out of the house by noon, an early start for Alexander.  Our first stop is the Apple store to return some covers I bought for our iPhones.  The return and purchase line is enormous, but moves quickly.  Alexander has no patience and tells me he’ll meet me next door at Bergdorf’s Men Store.  By the time I arrive, he has his hands filled with jeans, none of which are on sale.  His sleek, size 31 jean-body fits beautifully into everything he tries on.  We consider a few things, but decide to try Bloomingdales before committing.  We leave the store and Alexander says, “You know, shopping really isn’t so bad.” 

We next stop briefly at Louis Vuitton’s.  I look-and-try-on-but-don’t-buy a gorgeous silk and cashmere leopard scarf; I’ve been wanting it since I saw my sister wear it to a Bar Mitzvah last September.  I’m tempted but resist.  We leave the store and Alexander announces, “Now I remember why I don’t like shopping.”  I don’t ask why.

On our way to Bloomingdales, Alexander says, “I’m hungry!  Can I get a pretzel?  Oh, maybe I’ll get a hot dog instead.  Can I have that?” He’s like a three year old.  Certainly we can do better than street food.   We pass a sleek looking place called Pop Burger, and decide to have lunch. The inside looks less sleek…more like a souped up Burger King, but clean, and pricey.  We each order a diet coke and two cheeseburger sliders (that’s how the order comes) and split an order of fries.  $31, and that’s with no tip (there is no wait staff).  Still, It’s a nice break after an hour of shopping, which is about the max that Alexander can go without wanting to do something-anything-else.

We finish lunch, and walk the two blocks to Bloomingdales.  We go to the denim department and shop for jeans.  We look at two different shades of grey jeans.  I ask one of the sales clerks if they have any that are “darker.”   He seems confused, and then directs me to Dockers.  My Boston accent must be stronger than I think.

We leave the store with two pairs of jeans (one chocolate, one light grey), a beautiful blue and white shirt, and a big smile on Alexander's face.  On our way home he says, “I’ll make dinner.  I’m thinking fish.”  I guess when you're a 19-year old boy, food will always trump shopping.

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