Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ginny (m)

My Cousin Patty and Ginny became fast friends when their children were in grammar school.  They ran the bake sales and bonded over food.  The school didn't know what hit them given the Dynamic Duo's energy and enthusiasm.  Everything they touched turned to gold--bake sales, parents' dinners, team dinners, snacks for the kids' events, school parties for holidays.

As an added element to the relationship, Ginny shared a name with Patty's late mother, my Aunt Virginia.  Ginny even reminded Patty of her mother--they looked alike and were into hair, clothes and make-up.  "You should have been my mother's daughter," Patty would tell Ginny.

Long after their kids had grown and moved on, Patty and Ginny remained as tight as sisters.  Patty was right there with Ginny when she was planning her daughter's wedding which was an over the top event.  Patty would regale us with details of the long list of appetizers for the wedding and the huge dessert buffet.  Patty even lobbied for Ginny to skip the entree as there was enough food in the first and last courses.  Imagine that.  Patty crying "uncle" over too much food.

Whenever I needed a recipe, all I had to do was call Cousin Patty.  If she didn't know, she'd ask Ginny and they'd get right back to me.  The most recent call was a couple of weeks ago about Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes for Christmas.  I drove V crazy asking her for recipes and then Ginny weighed in on the subject too.

Yesterday, Patty called Ginny at 9:45 a.m., just as she has been doing for years. 

Ginny's husband answered the phone.  He called for Ginny.  She never came to the phone.

When he went to look for her, he found Ginny dead.

She was 58 years old.  Same age as Patty's mother when she died unexpectedly.

Everyone who knew Ginny is in shock, especially her family and her best friend, my cousin, Patty.

A few hours ago, I got a call from Patty.  She's planning the menu for the collation after the funeral.

Ginny would want it that way.

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