Monday, January 9, 2012

a big night (lyn)

My brother-in-law is being honored tonight and Alexander and I are invited.  I love being with my family, but I am not comfortable at these kinds of affairs.  Except for my family, I don’t know anyone.  There is a lot of standing around in uncomfortable shoes.  But first and foremost is the question of what to wear.  My sister will no doubt look stunning in a gorgeous and fashionable dress, with tasteful, understated jewelry.  Everyone there will be dressed spectacularly.  My sister says, “It’s cocktails, and we’ll be going out for dinner after.  Just wear a little dress.”  Problem is, I don’t have a little dress to wear.  I only have great casual clothes.  If my brother-in-law were being honored, in say the engineering or accounting fields, I wouldn’t worry so much.  But he’s being recognized as a leader in the fashion industry.

I consult with Robyn in the weeks leading up to tonight.  She, too, works in fashion and has a flair for what works and what doesn’t.  She doesn’t love the slinky, black Rick Owens skirt I’ve chosen to wear, but does love the white, ruched Narciso Rodriguez top I bought at Bergdorf’s for 60% off.  I’m wearing fishnet stockings and little black booties and will look more downtown than uptown.  I spent the day prepping:  eye wax, leg wax, manicure with dark ruby polish, and a hair blowout.  Minutes before leaving, I ask my photographer (Alexander) to take some photos; he does.

As he is snapping away, I decide I don’t look right and the pictures confirm it.  I feel too hippy (as in hips too big) and too mummy-ish (as in wrapped in white).  I make a last minute switch to a charcoal grey top, and then forget to take a photo. As we are walking to the subway, I ask poor Alexander to take another picture for the blog.  He thinks I’m being ridiculous; he's right.  Despite the 30-degree temperature, I take off the cape I'm wearing and Alexander quickly takes a few pictures with my phone.

We get to the event right at 6, and already the place is packed.  500 people are expected.  The venue is beautiful (the Morgan Library), and the dress code is all over the place-from chic black pants with very high heels and glittering tops, to one guy in a cotton hoodie.  Appetizers are passed and drinks are served.  I partake in everything.  My brother-in-law is inducted into the Accessories Hall of Fame and the President of FIT makes a beautiful introductory speech about him.  

After the event, 27 of us head over to a local midtown steakhouse, Keene’s.  The private dining room upstairs is lovely, but the food inconsistent (the mashed potatoes are lukewarm and the aged steak is tasteless, though the shrimp cocktail and crème brulee are both excellent).  But it’s not the food that will be remembered on this very special night.

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