Wednesday, January 4, 2012

dinner for one (lyn)

I get up and step on the scale.  122.6.  There’s no way I lost 3.4 pounds since yesterday.  This must be why you shouldn't weigh yourself every day.

By noon, I’ve re-done all I had to do on all my devices, and everything is working beautifully.  It’s nice to be back in sync.

A few years ago I had the heaters removed from my apartment, which most days of the year is fine.  If anything, my apartment is always hot.  But today is one of those rare days I need to wear mittens and Uggs inside.  My only venture outside is to buy vegetables for tonight’s wok dinner.  It’s cold, even for me. 

I buy pre-packaged vegetables for stir-fry, remove the green peppers, and add some portabella mushrooms.  I add some shrimp, and know Alexander will love it.  It even looks good.

 Alexander comes home a little after six and says, “I’m going to a Knicks game with Daniel.  I’m really sorry but I need to meet him at 6:30.  Can I have money for pizza?  I'll eat it on the way.”

I have my healthy meal alone, but then ruin it with a big slice of lemon-frosted angel food cake and three small chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  I'll probably be up four pounds tomorrow.

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