Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tale of a sofa (lyn)

WARNING:  This story has nothing to do with food or losing weight or gaining it.  It is about a Customer Service supervisor in Bloomingdales Furniture Department.  So, for those who care about this kind of a thing, here goes:

September 2007:  I buy a new and very expensive Ralph Lauren sectional sofa at Bloomingdales.

October 20, 2011: A man comes to my house (on my request), expects the sofa, and agrees with me that all the cushions and pillows need be re-stuffed.  He tells me that Bloomingdales will take care of it (at no cost) and it should take 4-6 weeks.

January 6, 2012:  I call Bloomingdales as it’s now been way beyond 4-6 weeks.  They’ve not heard from the vendor who is somewhere in Europe.  Moritza tells me she will email the vendor and get back to me. 

Today:  I call Bloomingdales and ask about the status.  I am speaking to Elise.

Me:  (I give the background and ask if they have heard anything).

Elise:  We are still waiting to hear back from the vendor.

Me: Well, how long do we wait before we you do something about it?  And what are the next steps if you don’t hear anything?

Elise:  Well, ma’am, it’s only been five days.

Me:  I know, but how long does it take to answer an email?  We should have heard by now.

Elise:  Well, these things can take time.  I’d say give it a few more weeks.

Me:  I’ve already waited 12 weeks, and should have gotten the new stuffing in 4 to 6 weeks.  I shouldn’t have to wait any more at all.

Elise:  I’m sorry, but these things take time.

Me:  May I speak to your supervisor please?

Elise: Hold on; I’ll get her.

(I’m on hold for about five minutes).

Elise:  Hi, sorry for the wait.  I spoke to my supervisor (Doris), and she says that if you like, we can arrange pick up of your sofa and you can replace it with a new one.  If it costs less, we’ll credit you the difference.


I tell Zelia the story and she thinks I’m making it up.  It even sounds made up to me.  I do love my sofa; it just needs to be re-stuffed.

I‘m not sure what I’ll do, but I do know this:  Bloomingdales is a great place to buy furniture.

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