Friday, January 6, 2012

fat girls' fantasy (m)

I am trying to be good this week. I'm determined to meet the goals on the grid Lyn made for me.

After a month of grabbing Hershey's Kisses whenever I passed the candy bowl (for the guests, of course),  I am now in chocolate withdrawal.

Instead of the Kisses or a Lindt ball, I head to the refrigerator and take out a Jello chocolate pudding to try. Sugar free. Only 60 calories. I had previously tried the Jello Chocolate Mousse (vile) and the Fat Free Chocolate Pudding (nasty), so I am not optimistic.

I cautiously spoon a bite in my mouth. What a shock! Smooth as velvet. Rich, chocolate flavor. No aftertaste. In other words, perfect!

By instinct, I reach for the can of whipped cream just to put a dollop on the top. All of a sudden, I feel the hand of Harrison who grabs the can from me and admonishes, "You're like the fat girls who drink diet Coke and order a side of fries."

Then, to drill the point home, he shows me this clip from Family Guy:

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