Thursday, January 19, 2012

an unexpected gift (lyn)

The doorman hands me a package as I’m coming in the building.  I’m not expecting anything.  I open it and inside is a book, Food Rules, an Eater’s Manual, by Michale Pollan, with illustrations by Maira Kalman.

It’s the most adorable book, dropped off by Gail.  In total-Gail fashion, it’s wrapped in a red ribbon and inscribed with a touching message.  I start skimming through it, and immediately am drawn in.  It’s a nice respite from the harrowing and gruesome WWII survival story I am currently reading for book club (Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand). 

And, if I wanted to put off reading it for a year (which I don’t), I could read the entire book while waiting for my gynecologist! 

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